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konjac root noodles konjac sweet purple potato noodle | Ketoslim Mo

konjac root noodles.Carb free, calorie-free noodles are easy to prepare – just cut and rinse the shirataki noodles thoroughly with a strainer for 1 minute.It can cook for 3-5 minutes.Prepares faster than normal pasta and absorbs the flavors of cooking sauces.

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    konjac root noodles.Help with weight loss - Noodles help prevent your gut's ability to absorb fat, reduce your calorie intake, and help you stay slim and healthy. Filling and starving delayed pasta replacement helps keep you satisfied.

     Prebiotics, feeding healthy gut bacteria - konjac noodles are a true superfood that promotes heart, digestive, and immune health, this delicious food is good for you.

    High quality vegetarian noodles Low calorie shirataki noodles konjac sweet purple potato noodle

    Products Description

    Product name:  konjac sweet purple potato noodle-Ketoslim Mo
    Net weight for noodles: 270g
    Primary Ingredient:   Konjac Flour, Water
    Fat Content (%): 0
    Features: gluten/fat/sugar free, low carb/high fiber
    Function: lose weight, lower blood sugar, diet noodles
    Certification: BRC, HACCP, IFS, ISO, JAS, KOSHER, NOP, QS
    Packaging: Bag, Box, Sachet, Single Package, Vacuum Pack
    Our Service: 1.One-stop supply china2. Over 10years experience

    3. OEM&ODM&OBM available

    4. Free samples

    5.Low MOQ

    Nutrition information

    Energy: 9KCal
    Sugar: 0g
    Fats: 0 .1g
    Carbohydrate: 0.1g
    Sodium: 2 mg

    Nutritional Value

    Ideal Meal Replacement--Healthy Diet Foods

    o calorie noodles

    Assists in weig-ht loss

    Low calorie

    Good source of dietary fibre

    Soluble dietary fiber

    Alleviate hypercholesterolemia

    Keto friendly


    Are konjac noodles Keto?

    Step 1 Organic shirataki pasta Clocking in at a mere 2 g of carbs and 5 calories per 83 g serving, 
    Step 2 Haiku konjac noodles are perfect for keto-diet disciples who are craving a pasta fix. They're also a great choice for those following a vegan or gluten-free diet, or anyone who just wants to eat healthier or shake up their weeknight pasta routine.

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