Customized Konjac Food

Ketoslim Mo is your product customization service provider, providing you with the customized konjac food you want. We will try our best to meet your requirements and produce products the way you want, or product package combinations.


After the quantity of ordered products reaches a certain amount, they can be customized. Our customizable packaging boxes include: cartons, packaging bags, cups and barrels, plastic boxes, aluminum foil boxes, etc.

We can only deliver the inner packaging to you; we can also customize the plastic outer packaging or color box packaging for delivery. We usually pack 20 packages per box. If you have special needs, we can negotiate and customize them.

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Proud to be the first - class Konjac noodle manufacturer and Konjac rice wholesale supplier in China

Ketoslim Mo is one of the best and most established konjac food wholesale suppliers in China. As the best wholesale konjac supplier, we help agents and distributors of all sizes to promote themselves in the most impactful way. Our products are well received by customers in Europe, North America, Asia and other parts of the world. Ketoslim Mo has been working with many clients for over ten years, including some of the world’s most famous companies or restaurants. Years of production experience enable us to manage the entire production process easily, and we can make konjac noodles in different flavors and shapes according to customers' preferences, which is one of our advantages as a food manufacturer and supplier.

As China's top konjac food supplier and manufacturer, we provide a variety of products for you to choose from, including konjac wet rice, konjac noodles, konjac dry noodles, konjac jelly, konjac powder porridge, konjac tofu, konjac makeup sponge, etc., whether it is Dry or wet, long or short. Or other foods of different shapes and flavors, we can make them according to your needs, with cheap price, good quality and reliable service.

As the best konjac food wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China, we can produce customized food in different flavors, colors and sizes for our customers. Supporting OEM/OBM/ODM, with our professional knowledge and rich experience in this field, we will provide you with the best service and high-quality products. In order to protect our earth, we have always tried to use environmentally friendly materials as the packaging of our products. We are constantly innovating to find more sustainable ways to produce and deliver Konjac food at scale to reduce our carbon footprint.

What Does Our Partner Say?


Shopee Sales

"Very fast and agile, the product and reasonable price meet the quoted quality, Ketoslim mo team is also very sensitive and helpful"


Offline Catering

“When we started representing Ketoslim mo, we noticed the immediate difference in delivery time and product taste between other brands and Ketoslim Mo. They use pure konjac powder as raw material to make exquisite konjac noodles. This has enabled us to win many customers as well positive feedback.”


Konjac Veganism

"An amazing experience, with all exceptions waiting for satisfaction. Excellent quality and unique acid craftsmanship. Delivery time was also faster than agreed."


Exercise Control Sugar Lose Weight

“The ability for Ketoslim mo to ship within half an hour is a huge plus for us.”


The best value wholesaler

Wholesale all konjac food quality source;

Free membership

You can enjoy wholesale discounts on all products without membership fee;

Personalized service

We support a hair agent, brand processing agent, packaging customization, procurement of other goods services;

The Company Advantage

24 hours online service, you find me, I am always online

Quality assurance, complete certificate.

We are a local seller in China with stock

Free samples, OBM/ODM/OEM

Support the local SG seller community

Packaging logo design, other daigou services

Rich experience

We have more than 10years experience in producing and selling Konjac food.

High quality

We have a strict quality control system, from supplier review, incoming quality control, process inspection, finished product inspection to delivery quality control.We have HACCP,BRC,ISF,international certification.

Advanced technology

Senior technical team, according to customer conditions, customized high-quality product solutions.

Good service

We have a professional team to serve you, including order inquiry, design, tracking production, delivery and customer feedback.

Value-added Services

1. Free packaging design services are available.

2. Free samples are available

3. We can help to purchase packaging materials and other products and services for free for you.

4. Packaging storage services can be provided free of charge.

5. Product training can be provided free of charge.

6. The product pre-packagingknowledge service can be provided free of charge.

7. The packaging material information auditservice can be provided free of charge.

8. Basic store operation services can be provided free of charge

9. Trademark information consulting services can be provided free of charge.

10. Product pictures and video services can be provided free of charge

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