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Ketoslim Mo has launched a new instant konjac noodles, which are ready to eat right out of the bag. They are convenient to eat. They are available in four flavors: original, spicy, mushroom, and pickled cabbage. We can also produce customized products according to your needs.

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Original instant konjac noodles, 0 sugar, low fat, low calorie, healthy instant konjac noodles

Hot pot spicy instant konjac noodles, the taste is spicy, suitable for people who like strong flavors, low-fat, low-calorie healthy food

Konjac mushroom flavored instant noodles, the taste is light and suitable for those who eat light food, light and fragrant konjac instant noodles

Konjac instant cup noodles, spicy cup noodles, just soak in hot water for a few minutes and you can eat it, convenient, simple, fast and healthy konjac cup noodles

Konjac instant bagged noodles, different flavors can be freely combined, and you can customize your favorite flavor package according to your needs.

Keto Konjac Pasta, which is popular among those following the ketogenic or low-carb diet because it is extremely low in carbs and calories.

Konjac sauerkraut instant noodles are rich in dietary fiber and have a sour and spicy taste. Sauerkraut konjac instant noodles give you a new fast food experience

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Characteristics of Konjac Instant Noodles


Low Calories

 Konjac instant noodles are very low in calories and are suitable for people who pursue a low-calorie diet.

部分功能-碳水化合物 选中

Low Carbohydrates

The main ingredient of Konjac instant noodles is konjac flour, which contains almost no carbohydrates and is suitable for people who control their carbohydrate intake.


High Fiber

Konjac is rich in water-soluble fiber, which helps promote digestion and intestinal health.


Easy to make

Konjac instant noodles do not need to be boiled, just simply heat or stir-fry to eat, which is very convenient and quick.

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Konjac instant noodles customization

Ketoslim Mo is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most delicious Konjac Instant Noodles customized service. Whatever your needs for the product, we can meet your needs.

Our customized services include:

Personalized customization: We understand that everyone has different tastes and health needs. With our customized service, you can customize the flavors, ingredients and spices you want, so that every bite will suit your taste buds.

High-quality ingredients: We only use fresh konjac and high-quality raw materials to ensure that the nutritional value and taste of each instant noodle are at their best.

Health and convenience: Konjac is rich in dietary fiber and low in calories, making it an ideal choice for a healthy diet. Our instant noodles not only retain these advantages, but also add convenient and fast elements, so that you can easily enjoy them whether you are busy on weekdays or in leisure time.

Production Quality Konjac Noodles for More than 10 Years

Instant konjac noodles adopt traditional production procedures, and go through a series of rigorous production processes such as raw material inspection-puffing-refining-soaking-cutting, and the noodles must be dried to dry.

Our cooperative manufacturers have introduced advanced production technology and quality management systems into the production line, and have passed the EU organic agriculture EC standards, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA certification, the UK BRC certification, the French IFS certification, the Japanese JAS certification, the KOSHER certification, the HALAL certification and the official food production license. Since then, the company has set off the entrepreneurial process of China's konjac industry. And gradually opened up the foreign konjac market, becoming the largest exporter of konjac food in China.

Raw material inspection and acceptance
Raw material inspection

Each raw material must be sampled and inspected in accordance with the prescribed standards and qualified before use.


Ingredients in strict accordance with the process requirements of weight, proportion of raw materials


Put the water into the gelatinizing tank, control the amount of water as required, and then add the raw materials into the gelatinizing tank, stir while adding, and control the mixing time as required.


The pasted semi-finished product is pumped into the scouring machine for scouring, and the refined semi-finished product slurry is pumped into the high car for reserve

Soaked in water
Soaked in water

Put the processed semi-finished products into the stainless steel car filled with tap water for soaking, soaking according to the standard duration, according to the standard water change duration

Partial shipments weighing
Partial shipments weighing

Put the cut silk into the bag according to the net weight requirements and then weigh it, and calibrate the accuracy of the electronic scale

Konjac noodles bagging
Konjac noodles bagging

The konjac noodles are bagged using machinization.

Sealed Konjac Noodles
The sealing

Machine-made sealing konjac surface is used to ensure smooth sealing and beautiful appearance.

The sterilization
The sterilization

After sterilizing the konjac noodles, leave them to cool naturally at room temperature with ventilation

Cooling Konjac Noodles

After sterilizing the konjac noodles, leave them to cool naturally at room temperature with ventilation

Metal detector
Metal detector

Pass the cooled product 100% through the metal controller, check whether there is metal debris, check the metal controller running condition regularly to ensure normal.

Packing warehousing
Packing warehousing

100% of the products passing through the detector shall be inspected for appearance, and put into outer packing cartons after ensuring no leakage of the packing seal. The packed products shall be sorted and put into storage

What Does Our Partner Say?


Shopee Sales

"Very fast and agile, the product and reasonable price meet the quoted quality, Ketoslim mo team is also very sensitive and helpful"

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Offline Catering

"When we started representing Ketoslim mo, we noticed the direct difference in delivery time and product taste. We used pure konjac powder as the raw material to make tasteless konjac noodles. We won a lot of positive feedback from customers."

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Konjac Veganism

"An amazing experience, with all the exceptions waiting for satisfaction. Excellent quality and acid process. Delivery times are faster than originally stated."

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Exercise Control Sugar Lose Weight

"Ketoslim mo is able to ship in half an hour, which is a huge advantage for us."

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Certificates From Konjac Noodles Manufacturer And Factory

Ketoslim Mo is fully qualified, with honor and strength, export food, authoritative qualification certification, is your trusted wholesale noodles suppliers.We have BRC, IFS, FDA, NOP, JAS, HACCP, HALAL and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the production process of konjac instant noodles different from other products?

The production process of konjac instant noodles is similar to that of other konjac foods, except for the additional step of drying.

Is konjac instant noodles also low in fat and calories?

Yes, all our konjac products are made mainly from konjac flour, which is a raw material containing glucomannan, rich in dietary fiber and low in fat and calories.

How long is the shelf life of konjac Noodles?

It is usually 6-12 months. The production date of each product is different. Food is related to the season, weather, storage method and other factors.

What's your delivery time?

Spot can be shipped within 24 hours, other generally need 7-20 days. If there are customized packaging materials, please refer to the specific arrival time of the packaging materials.

How do you ship your products?

Land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, logistics, specific delivery, we will help you to find the most appropriate mode of transportation according to your address, so as to save transportation costs

Nutrition Of Konjac Instant Noodles

The raw material

Konjac instant noodles are made with water, konjac flour, about 5% konjac, rice noodles are made with more than 80% rice flour and water, some businesses also add cornstarch to improve the texture and shape of the rice noodles, konjac noodles are much lower in carbohydrates than rice noodles, and they are almost fiber and water, The carbohydrate content alone makes konjac a good choice for those who lack a bowl of pasta and noodles on a low-carb or keto diet. Konjac noodles and rice noodles are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.


Konjac instant noodles contain fewer calories than rice noodles, which is why konjac noodles are marketed as a "slimming" product for those who want to lose weight.

Konjac instant noodles contain 21KJ(5kacl) per 100g, while rice noodles, on the other hand, contain 1505KJ (359kacl) per 100g.


noodles contain far fewer carbohydrates than rice noodles, and they are almost all fiber and water. The carbohydrate content alone makes konjac a good choice for those who lack a bowl of pasta or noodles on a low-carb or keto diet.

Trace nutrients

Konjac instant noodles have no other micronutrients except dietary fiber. That's not surprising, considering they're about 95 percent water. Rice noodles do contain several micronutrients, albeit in small amounts, including iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium. In short, you don't want to rely on konjac noodles or rice noodles for nutrition. A balanced diet requires a mix of nutrients.

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