Konjac jelly wholesale

Konjac Jelly

If you have a shop or you are starting your own business, please be sure to sell this konjac jelly, it can bring you unexpected harvest.

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The jelly is very delicate and very soft to eat.

The konjac jelly comes in four flavors, each in a small bag of 20g and a pack of 10.  

No matter you are working at home or traveling for picnic, this kind of jelly is very suitable for your snack and easy to carry.  

Start choosing - your favorite flavor.

Konjac jelly contains glucomannan and passion fruit powder to clear your bowel and make your bowels flow.

Konjac jelly 0 calories are not fat, you must taste it, QQ tappan, sour sweet, very suitable for slimming people to eat.

Zero fat and 15% fruit juice. Say goodbye to greasy fast food.

Enjoy free samples and after-sales service, fast and safe checkout and worry-free exchange and return services.

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I'll show you the whole process of our food production

Through our factory video, personally understand our konjac jelly production process, clean production environment, first-class advanced production equipment.  


KetosliMo is a huge konjac production company in China, with its own konjac planting base and processing factory, we have the competitive price, production, design, quality assurance and door-to-door delivery you want. Our goal is to help you reduce unnecessary trouble in the process of importing from China and save your purchasing cost, including time and money. We can also help you buy other products and packaging materials free of charge.

Professional konjac manufacturers, is assured of quality, feel the intimate service

Strength factory fully equipped

Self-owned Massive Planting Bases.Global konjac food producer

Automatic quantitative filling equipment

Automatic quantitative filling equipment

Advanced production equipment

Advanced production equipment

Clean production environment

Clean production environment

Standardized production line

Standardized production line

How to cooperate with us

Customizing process: 6 strict steps to ensure consistent quality

1.  Click my profile picture, follow me and send me an inquiry

2.  provide customized requirements: packaging logo, sales volume and style

3.  Confirm the order: quantity of unit price, packing material and shipment method

4.  factory production: confirm the design sample, OEM production

5.  warehouse delivery: QC inspection, large cargo packing and warehouse;

6.  Confirm receipt of goods: successful transaction

After-Sale Warranty

1. Delivery time

On the day the product is placed, when the packaging materials and accessories are ready in our warehouse, the product will be delivered within 24 hours at the fastest and within 10 days at the latest. If the order is delayed by one day, 0.1% of the product amount will be paid, and the maximum compensation will be 3%.

2. Price

From the date of the quotation, we promise not to increase the price within one year. If the price of raw materials is reduced by 10%, our company promises to reduce the price of the product.

3. Quality

(1). If there is leakage or damage during transportation, the value of the product or equivalent product will be paid for the damaged product on a one-for-one basis.

(2). During the warranty period, if the product has foreign matter, deterioration, rot, gelatinization, and other qualifying conditions, the value of the product or equivalent product will be compensated for the deteriorated product in the form of one compensation for three.

4. Return guarantee

(1). Products sold by us can be returned as long as the product shelf life is still not less than 6 months, and the buyer can bear the cost of international shipping and import charge.

Value-added services

1. Free packaging design services are available.

2. Free samples are available.

3. We can help to purchase packaging materials and other products and services for free for you.

4. Packaging storage services can be provided free of charge.

5. Product training can be provided free of charge.

6. The product pre-packaging knowledge service can be provided free of charge.

7. The packaging material information audit service can be provided free of charge.

8. Basic store operation services can be provided free of charge.

9. Trademark information consulting services can be provided free of charge.

10. Product pictures and video services can be provided free of charge.

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