What is shelf life of konjac food?

The konjac udon noodles produced by Ketoslim Mo have a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature and do not need to be refrigerated.

Can we print our logo on the box?

Yes, 1, MOQ for printing logo is: xxxpcs. 2, Economic option: printed sticker with logo on box with no MOQ. 

What color/logo options do you offer?

We can follow your design and offer professional advice for you, no worry.  Full CMYK printing or Specific Pantone Color printing!

Delivery time?

Spot can be shipped within 24 hours, other generally need 7-20 days. If there are customized packaging materials, please refer to the specific arrival time of the packaging materials.

How do you transport goods abroad?

Land transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, logistics, specific delivery, we will help you to find the most appropriate mode of transportation according to your address, so as to save transportation costs, you can also accept the address you specify.

What is the MOQ for your product?

Our usual minimum order quantity is 200 bags. Specific can also be detailed private chat.

How do foreign customers pay?

TT、PayPal、Ali pay、 Pay、Hong Kong HSBC Account so on.

Do you have any certificate ?

Yes,we have BRC,IFS,FDA,NOP,JAS,HACCP,HALAL and so on.

Konjac food often appear in what place?

Our konjac rice, konjac noodles and other products can be found in supermarkets, websites, social media, etc. Suitable for ketogenic meal replacement, weight loss, fitness, diabetes...

What is the liquid in konjac products?

The liquid in Konjac products is the food preservation liquid. Our preservation solution is divided into alkaline, acidic and neutral preservation. Acid preservation liquid for citric acid, alkaline preservation liquid for calcium hydroxide, this preservation liquid in line with the national standards, no harm to the human body, but it is recommended to eat before cleaning again.

Can you send the goods door to door delivery?

Yes,  just tell us the QTY & address and we can check the freight for you and help to offer door to door delivery.

Can it be customized?What is the minimum order?

All our products accept custom, wholesale, more support you to become our excellent agent. Generally, we order a minimum of 1000 packets, which can be discussed.

Can konjac noodles be customized to taste

We can add vegetable powder to make konjac vegetable noodles according to customers' needs, such as konjac spinach noodles, Konjac pumpkin noodles, Konjac carrot noodles and so on.

What's the best price you can provide?

Would you please let us know the specific requirements and quantity of your order? And if you will follow the original design of our factory or re-customize it? We will quote you the best price according to your specific requirements and the quantity of your order.

Are there agents in other countries? Can I apply for brand agency

The Ketoslim Mo brand is currently deeply cooperating with countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. We support you to represent our brand, and give relevant support to help you quickly open the market!

Are you a factory?

Ketoslim mo is a professional konjac food supplier with own factory with 10 years of experience in production, R&D and sales.

When do you send samples?

After the sample order is confirmed, we will send out the stock for you within 24 hours, and the customized samples will be sent out for you within 3-7 working days.


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