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low calorie noodles Konjac Instant Noodle Sauerkraut Flavor | Ketoslim Mo

Virtually calorie free (on average 8 calories per 200g) 0 calorie pasta are made from the root of the konjac (konnyaku) plant, which is made into flour before being transformed into noodles of varying widths. They’re so low in calories, but still filling, because they’re very high in fibre.
Konjac instant noodles are rich in dietary fiber, which can supplement the trace elements lacking in the human body. The glycaemic index of this low calorie noodles konjac is also low, so eating konjac food will not cause high or low blood sugar, therefore, provide you with more lasting energy.

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    Low calories (7 kcal / 100g). Konjac noodles skinny pasta can help you feel full with less calories.

    Customized box-packed shirataki sauerkraut noodles sauerkraut flavor konjac instant noodles

    Products Description

    Product name:  sauerkraut flavor konjac instant noodles-Ketoslim Mo
    Net weight for noodles: 180g
    Primary Ingredient:   Konjac Flour, Water
    Fat Content (%): 0
    Features: gluten/fat/sugar free, low carb/high fiber
    Function: lose weight, lower blood sugar, diet noodles
    Certification: BRC, HACCP, IFS, ISO, JAS, KOSHER, NOP, QS
    Packaging: Bag, Box, Sachet, Single Package, Vacuum Pack
    Our Service: 1.One-stop supply china2. Over 10years experience3. OEM&ODM&OBM available4. Free samples5.Low MOQ

    Nutrition information

    Energy: 268KJ
    Protein: 2.6g
    Fats: 0 g
    Carbohydrate: 7.4g
    Sodium: 1026 mg

    Nutritional Value

    Ideal Meal Replacement--Healthy Diet Foods

    o calorie noodles

    Assists in weig-ht loss

    Low calorie

    Good source of dietary fibre

    Soluble dietary fiber

    Alleviate hypercholesterolemia

    Keto friendly


    Do konjac noodles taste good?

    Step 1 Konjac - flavored pickled instant noodles taste like nothing.Just like regular pasta, they are very neutral, the taste of sauerkraut instant noodles is not spicy, it tastes good, it doesn't need to be cooked, the taste of noodles is very springy.
    Step 2 This kind of instant noodles is recommended to be eaten within 1 hour after opening the bag, otherwise long-term exposure of food to the air is likely to produce bacteria.

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