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The process of making konjac food

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1, take out the konjac from the soil, soak it with water first, and then wash the konjac skin with a brush.

2. Prepare the ash water for the stove. Take half a basin of ash and add water to the stove with a sieve to leave the ash and water.

3, to prepare a clean utensils, join just to cover vessels at the bottom of the oven grey water, component in order to join the limewater, again after ready you can start to blow konjac into the vessel must be in the kitchen while blowing ash and lime water mix konjac evenly, until dissolved by water, after being to do the things above, the vessel of konjac blend is flat and level.

4. After waiting for 6 hours, cut the konjac evenly and neatly with a knife in the vessel, take it out and put it into the pot, add water, stove grey water and lime water to boil, and see when the konjac in the pot changes from light grey to dark color.Take it out and soak it in water.

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What profit does eat konjac have?

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Answered February 18, 2020

1, detoxification and defecation.Konjac cold, can promote blood stasis, detoxification and detumination, wide bowel defecation, konjac dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, remove intestinal fat accumulation, so that toxic substances out of the body, Run bowel defecation, detoxification and clean stomach.2, cancer prevention.Konjac has the laorific name of "anti-cancer magic clothes", it contains a kind of gel-like chemical substance, has the magic power of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, after this kind of gel material enters the human body, can form translucent magic clothes, adheres to the intestinal wall, hinders all kinds of harmful substances, has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

Answered February 28, 2020

3. Keep fresh and prevent bacteria.Conjac contains a kind of natural antimicrobial element, with konjac essence powder matches the food of other raw materials, konjac can form antimicrobial film in food surface, prevent bacterial pollution, prolong store time, have the effect that keeps fresh and prevents bacteria.

4, weight loss.Because konjac eat can make you increase the sense of satiety, you ate konjac food, will not want to take in other high calorie food, thereby controlling the road, to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Post time: Jun-24-2021