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Why is konjac called the best diet food?

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Maybe some people do not know what konjac is, as China's professional konjac food (konjac noodles, konjac powder, Shirataki noodles) supplier first to introduce konjac, it was introduced to China from Japan, is a perennial herb. Konjac not only has practical value, and medicinal value, it is also a medicinal materials. In my daily dietary guidance for pregnancy, the ingredients that are often used are low in energy, satiating, and tasty.

 Through research, konjac starch contained in konjac, its expansion force is as high as 80~100 times, indicating that konjac is rich in dietary fiber, which is popular dietary fiber for weight loss people. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, water swelling in the intestine, increase the feeling of satiation, and prevent constipation. Therefore, after the research and mature processing process of professional nutrition personnel, we launched konjac noodles, konjac powder, konjac rice and konjac snack food.

konajc oat noodles 0 calories

So who likes konjac?

Weight loss crowd: especially weight loss people, because every 100g konjac, contains 7 calories, fat is 0.21g, dietary fiber 3g, protein 0.1g, calcium 68mg.

From the above data can be obtained konjac energy is lower than vegetables, but also increase satiation, usually weight loss people will choose to eat our daily consumption of konjac konjac knot, konjac silk and so on. Many people may not have noticed that konjac because it can be into the dish, when we are making diet meals, often like to add konjac to it, there are also boxes or bags of konjac sold in the supermarket. Now because of the appearance of konjac food factory like us, the professional processing and production of konjac food, through the combination of our professional staff and cooking masters, make more convenient konjac instant noodles, and add tomato, pickled cabbage, peas and spicy bamboo shoots suitable for different tastes of people. It's really easy to eat. At the same time, to adapt to some people who like the taste of rice, we cut konjac noodles into small pieces similar to white rice. It is an ideal substitute for rice in ketone and low-carb diets. When cooking fried rice, konjac rice is much more delicate than ordinary rice. Only 3 minutes! Simple cooking, easy. Enjoy your favorite sauce. Better than rice, pasta, organic konjac noodles - our high quality Konjac rice will always satisfy your cravings for a delicious meal.

Snacks originally belong to a favorite food of Chinese people. With the development of society, some of our compatriots live abroad, but snacks are still their favorite. When it comes to snacks, it is very saliva, so we will develop konjac and make konjac snack food. This is the food with Chinese characteristics.

Zhongkai Konjac Food Factory provides konjac healthy snack products, which are spicy, crunchy, spicy and delicious so that you can't forget to leave and enjoy it on the tip of your tongue. Convenient, vegetarian, natural zero-calorie foods are perfect for people with a variety of food intolerances, as well as anyone who wants to lose weight healthily. Share with friends at parties, casual games, afternoon tea, trips or dinner, no burden, no guilt......

Speaking of konjac, of course, there is someone to say konjac food taboos, raw konjac is toxic, decoction to eat more than three hours, so it is best in our daily in the supermarket, bought a box of ready-made konjac, because that arum has been dealt with, open the bag after flushing with hot water can eat, or directly used in the soup, and a bit of indigestion, Each time to eat konjac to eat less, because konjac is cold, bad for the gastrointestinal tract.

We are a konjac snack supplier, specializing in providing Chinese snacks; There are three flavors to choose from: hot pot, sour pepper and sour cabbage. Unique individual packaging, each 22 grams, a box of 20 bags, easy to carry. Konjac powder is a kind of organic konjac food containing soluble dietary fiber. This soluble dietary fiber promotes satiation and can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water. Due to its high viscosity and absorbability, glucan is a useful digestive aid that helps maintain healthy cholesterol and normal blood sugar levels and supports weight management.

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