what happens if u eat konjac noodles raw?

Perhaps a lot of consumers have not eaten or eaten konjac noodles will have a question, konjac noodles it can be eaten raw? What happens if you eat konjac noodles raw?

While yes, you could eat the noodles raw, But it depends on what kind of preservation liquid, our konjac noodles have three kinds of preservation liquid, alkaline and acidic bag after water cleaning can be eaten directly. If the preserving solution is neutral, it can be taken out of the bag and eaten immediately.But I don't recommend eating it out of the box, Rinsing and quickly boiling the noodles removes the odor of the konjac plant and greatly improves the texture of the noodles.



How can konjac noodles remove alkali/sour taste?

After removing the bag, drain the liquid from the product bag and strain it several times with water, or you can take a bowl and pour the noodles in and rinse them several times with vinegar. These two methods will basically eliminate the alkali/sour taste.

The water in the product package is mainly the preservation liquid of konjac surface, which is alkaline/acidic/neutral, and mainly plays the role of food preservation. Noodles don't matter if you don't wash them, but the preservatives (alkaline, acidic) should not be eaten directly.

For consumers who have never eaten konjac noodles, I suggest that you can buy a few packets of konjac noodles back to try, you will find that in addition to delicious, it is very convenient and easy to cook for a lazy person who does not want to cook.

Skinny konjac pasta is totally 270g weight, net weight is 200g, as we can tell from the nutrition chart, the energy, the calorie is only 5Kcal,  that's very low calorie, fibre is not claimed in the chart. Through the survey and detection, the fibre given is 3.2g. According to the GB28050, containing 3g or more than 3g is claimed to be containing dietary fibre in 100 gram konjac noodles, 3.2g is claimed to be containing dietary fibre. 

As there are 3.2 gram dietary fibre in 100 gram konjac noodles, we could calculate that there are 2.7 gram dietary fibre in 85 gram konjac noodles.

Where can i buy konjac noodles?

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Konjac food has three kinds of preservation liquid: acid/alkaline/neutral, alkaline and acidic bag after water can be eaten directly, neutral words can be opened bag ready to eat, preservation liquid can not be eaten directly.


Post time: Jun-15-2022