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Is Konjac Pasta Healthy?

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Is Konjac Pasta Healthy? What is konjac pasta? Konjac and shirataki noodles are both made from the starchy corm of the Konjac plant. It is a traditional food originating in Japan in the 6th century. They are made from the glucomannan fiber from the konjac plant that is ground into a flour and then used to make the noodles. This is an good source of soluble fiber and “prebiotics” which are helpful for increasing the good bacteria in the gut. The noodles are usually packaged in water. They have gelatinous texture. They are very easy to prepare as it just involves draining off the liquid and giving them a good rinse. To remove any odor from the packing fluid, plunge into boiling water for about a minute. They don’t have much of a taste on their own, so they take on the flavour of the food they are cooked in. so you could cook them with any ingredients you like.

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Benefits of Konjac pasta :

  • Weight loss – while consumption doesn’t cause you to lose weight, it helps you to feel full so that you are likely to eat less.

  • Help digestion– the glucomannan is beneficial for reducing symptoms of constipation. On the flip side, overconsumption can create               undesirable digestive impacts such as loose stool and bloating.

  • Promoting cholesterol levels – numerous studies on konjac fiber use have shown cholesterol-lowering benefits.

  • Improving blood sugar management – supplementing with konjac showed improved fasting glucose.

As the benefits above we mentioned,  here is the caution that consume them in moderation like you would any other food. You need a balance of macronutrients to feel your best and you don’t want to get too much of any individual food (even healthy ones).

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Post time: Nov-23-2021