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low cal spaghetti konjac soba noodles | Ketoslim Mo

Buckwheat konjac noodles belong to a kind of neutral products. This is a new product recently developed by our company. Compared with ordinary konjac food, it tastes better and has a pH value of 7.2, neither acidic nor alkaline food.

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Are you in a hurry? With a quick rinse, these natural, low-calorie noodles are ready to eat! Their neutral flavor makes these noodles versatile, but our favorite way to eat them is to cook them in a soup with chopped vegetables, or stir-fry them with chicken and vegetables. Bonus: A 4-ounce serving provides 15 percent of your daily calcium intake. While that's not as much as a glass of milk, it's still quite a lot of nutrients you wouldn't normally find in a bowl of noodles.

2021 New Neutral pasta Acid-free and alkali-free konjac noodle konjac soba noodles

Products Description

Product name:  konjac soba noodle-Ketoslim Mo
Net weight for noodles: 270g
Primary Ingredient:   Konjac Flour, Water
Fat Content (%): 0
Features: gluten/fat/sugar free, low carb/high fiber
Function: lose weight, lower blood sugar, diet noodles
Packaging: Bag, Box, Sachet, Single Package, Vacuum Pack
Our Service: 1.One-stop supply china2. Over 10years experience

3. OEM&ODM&OBM available

4. Free samples

5.Low MOQ

Nutrition information

Energy: 8KCal
Sugar: 0g
Fats: 0 g
Carbohydrate: 0.4g
Sodium: 0 mg

Nutritional Value

Ideal Meal Replacement--Healthy Diet Foods

o calorie noodles

Assists in weig-ht loss

Low calorie

Good source of dietary fibre

Soluble dietary fiber

Alleviate hypercholesterolemia

Keto friendly


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