Why do konjac noodles smell like fish

The fishy odour is due to the Calcium hydroxide as a coagulant agent in the manufacturing process.They're packaged in fishy-smelling liquid, which is actually plain water that has absorbed the odor of the konjac root.  Konjac food has three kinds of preservation liquid: acid/alkaline/neutral, alkaline and acidic bag after water can be eaten directly, neutral words can be opened bag ready to eat, preservation liquid can not be eaten directly.





So what's the purpose of this fishy preserving liquid in the noodles?

In the first pack of 270 grams of konjac noodles, the solid content of the noodles is 75%, and the preservation liquid accounts for 25%. So why do konjac noodles need to be stored in water?  There are two reasons:

1, easy to keep.  Putting konjac in water can isolate the outside air of konjac and reduce contact with bacteria in the air, which is beneficial to prolong the storage time of konjac.

2. Keep konjac fresh.  Konjac can be put into water to reduce the evaporation of water, also can let konjac fully absorb water, do not let it dry, maintain the taste of konjac.

How do I get rid of fishy smell in konjac noodles?

It's important to rinse them very well for a few minutes under fresh, running water.  This should remove most of the odor.Or you can put some vinegar soak, also can eliminate the smell of konjac noodles in the preservation liquid.

Rinse with water several times,Cook in boiling water: Boil for 2-3 minutes.  The unique smell will disappear and the texture will be more jiggly and tender.


Where can i buy konjac noodles?

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If your konjac product smells fishy when you open the packet, don't be alarmed – it's a sign of its authenticity and quality.  Most products just need a rinse to remove the fishy smell .

Post time: Jun-22-2022